Built-In and Swaged Couplings

1. Built-in couplings  1. Built-in couplings

Couplings – Built-In Couplings

TAURUS EMERGÉ couplings and built-in bend restrictors are the strongest parts of hoses produced by ContiTech Rubber Industrial Kft. Our company was the first to patent a coupling where the bonding strength between the coupling and hose body increases in proportion of the internal pressure.
The patented in-house developed built-in couplings, the special design, the hose construction with integral neck reinforcement and the composite fire resistant layer give unique features to accommodate external collapse resistance, chemical resistance, fatigue resistance, heat insulation and provide low bending radius and light compact hose construction with excellent flexibility.

2. Swaged couplings  2. Swaged couplings

Couplings – Swaged Couplings

ContiTech Rubber Industrial Kft. also supplies Rotary Drilling hoses, Vibrator hoses and Jumper hoses with swaged couplings in accordance with API Spec. 7K (FSL1) - ISO 14693 and GOST standards and allows us to offer fast delivery.