TAURO WeldStar – Welding Hose

20 bar

TAURO WeldStar EN559-2MPa TAURO WeldStar EN559-2MPa

For plumbing and heating civil engineering and construction, welding workshops, welding equipment makers, chassis construction, bridge and steel construction, shipyards. For welding and cutting.

TAURO WeldStar EN559-2MPa


High-pressure-resistant special fibre reinforcements smooth and dirt repellent rubber cover, red or blue according to appropriate standard, non twisting and flexible, aging and ozone resistant, with antikink ribbing. Marking of the hoses in accordance with EN 559 and DIN standard. Construction according to EN 559 and DIN 8541, Part 120.

Diameter (mm) Wall thickness (mm) Outer Diameter (mm) Pressure (bar) Weight (kg/m)  
6.3 5 16 20 0.17 Oxygen
9 5.5 20 20 0.33 Oxygen
6.3 3.5 14 20 0.17 Acetilene
9 3.5 16 20 0.21 Acetilene

Technical data: For oxygen and combustible gases, as well as DMF, LPG and MQS. Hose connections and joints to be in accordance with DIN 8542.
Max. length: 40m
Marking: black painted text
TAURO WeldStar EN559-2MPa

TAURO WeldStar EN559-2MPa