TAURO MineStar – Coal Mining Hose

400 bar

TAURO MineStar 400bar NR/SBR TAURO MineStar 400bar NR/SBR

In underground coal mining industry high pressure water injection helps to eliminate methane-gas and soften the stone wall. The water injection hose is placed into a hole drilled in the wall and under 400 bar pressure expands such a way that it completely seals the hole. After operation the hose returns into it’s normal state. In typical length of: 1500, 2500, 5000, 6000mm, other length up to 20m is possible.

TAURO MineStar 400bar NR/SBR

Hose Construction:

  • tube: black NR/SBR based rubber
  • reinforcement: steel cords
  • cover: highly abrasion resistant IR/SBR based rubber special couplings
Diameter (mm) Wall thickness (mm) Pressure (bar) Bending radius (mm) Weight (kg/m)
22 11.5 400 600 1.65

Working temperature: -25°C to +80°C
Safety factor: 1.25
Production length: max. 20m
Standard lengths: 2.5m and 5m
Min. expansion at 75 bar: 50mm
Hole diameter at size 22mm hose: 45mm
Working pressure is the max. operating pressure in 45mm hole
Marking: red stripe/black text
TAURO MineStar 400bar NR/SBR

TAURO MineStar 400bar NR/SBR